Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A plane, A birthday, and a very sick baby

I realize I have been MIA for a while, but it's been a busy week around here. Last week, of course, we unexpectedly had 2 dentist visits instead of just one. BTW, the second didn't go any better than the first despite Daddy's appearance just before the trip in. Mom 2 Mom started on Friday and it was great, despite being an exhausting morning. I took about 200 pictures, but I'm not going to share them here as I don't actually have permission to use them outside of Mom 2 Mom.

After M2M, we headed out to a friend's house to see some airplanes. One of my best friends from high school is a big man at the local airport where there is an annual Stearman Fly-In this time every year. When we were in school, we all used to ditch class on Friday of the Fly-In to go out to his house where they serve lunch for all the Stearman pilots. I even got to go up in a stearman once. I was about the color of a marshmallow by the time we came down so that was the only time for that. But at least I did it. For those of you who aren't savvy with the airplane lingo, a stearman is also called a bi-plane (2 sets of wings) and it's completely open for both the pilot and passenger. Last year, I brought Micah and Jadon out to the fly-in luncheon with my friend, Val and her little girls, so since we're homeschooling this year I was really excited I could bring all the kids. They thought it was really cool.

Since I didn't take any pictures this year, I thought I would share a couple from last year.

We went home from the fly-in to take naps and give Chloe her first math test. But then JJ woke up from his nap with a fever which has continued off and on ever since. He actually seemed just fine on Saturday and Sunday, we even went to Andy's birthday party on Saturday (can you believe he's 11?)and to church on Sunday, but by Monday morning, he was feeling pretty crummy. Anyway, we've gone to the doctor twice and he seems to be doin a little better today. But I suppose we'll see tonight if he actually sleeps or if he's crying all night long like the last several nights.

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