Monday, March 30, 2009

Whew! Long time...

Yeah, yeah. I know. I kinda went MIA for a while. But this has been a long month. And we've had quite a few fun days outside, too. The baseball tradition has continued in this family. Jadon has developed a strong desire to be part of the action already. Chloe and Micah are usually willing to oblige.
He's also really into basketball. Really any kind of ball will do with this guy.

Then last week, Jody and Mark flew to Orlando for the week. So Mark's mom kept their kids until Wed when I picked up the girls(she dropped the boys off the next day) and we spent the rest of the week at their house. I would've brought them here, but I just thought my two bedroom house was a little small to add 4 extra kiddos. Poor Lydia looks so sad. But she actually had a lot of fun playing outside with the sandbox. I hope her Mommy's not too mad when she sees her tights. I tried to get them clean;).Besides, can you imagine anything cuter than these little feet?

Jadon really enjoyed the sandbox, too. At least when he wasn't in trouble for taking Lydia's shovel away.

Anyway, so now we're home and praying for nicer weather. It's been so sketchy around here and these kids are feeling a little tricked by the short stint of 70s a couple of weeks ago followed by 3 inches of snow this weekend.

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