Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm Back!!

Shelly and I had a GREAT time in Florida! This is Ann and John's place where we stayed. The picture is a few years old, so there's quite a bit more plant life around the house. But isn't it gorgeous! We did absolutely nothing all weekend. Seriously. The first day was a little chilly in the morning, so we wandered around downtown and did a little shopping. Then we ate lunch at the Loose Caboose. YUM! After lunch it warmed up quite a bit so we got a couple of books and towels and went to the pool for a while. Sometime in the middle of the afternoon, I realized I had no idea what time it was. And guess what? We didn't care. It is such a freeing feeling to not care about a clock. We had no one else to answer to, nobody who was counting on us to fix dinner or wash laundry or anything else. Ahhh.

The timing was perfect. We had a great time, but we were ready to be home by the end of the trip. We actually ended up getting $300 airline vouchers on the way home. The plane was too heavy, so they asked 3 people to get off the plane. Shelly was so excited, apparently that's something she's always wanted to do. Then they sent us in a cab to Tampa where we flew to Memphis to catch the same flight home we would have been on had we stayed on the plane in Sarasota. How funny is that!

Anyway, I didn't even take a camera with me, so I have no pictures to share. Sorry. I'll leave you with picture from a few years ago. Just to make you all a little green with envy.

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