Monday, January 26, 2009

Life... at the moment

So the last couple of weeks have been rather crazy and full, so I'll just hit the bullet points.
  • Kevin and Mark enlisted a friend of ours to help put in a new window in our basement. When I say help, I mean Justin did all the work while Kevin and Mark stood and watched.
  • Chloe and I got really cute haircuts.
  • Jody and I spent 4 or 5 days trading off babysitting for various errands.
  • One of those babysitting tradeoffs was for a CT scan for Chloe's headaches. Scan was clear. Chloe's getting reading glasses. Hopefully, that will help.
  • I celebrated my 28th birthday with a Pampered Chef party. Yum!
  • Last weekend was the memorial for my Grandma. Despite the sad occasion, we had a good time with my Dad's family. My cousins are actually closer to my kids' ages than mine, so they had a lot of fun together.
  • Chloe, Micah and Kevin went skiing with my Dad, the new ski instructor, last week.
  • We had a really fun party with our small group Saturday night. (Another opportunity for Aunt Jody babysitting)

What can I say, life has been rather full. Some of those days were below zero temperatures, so the days we had to go out, we were bundled in full snow gear. But any day we could, we stayed huddled inside.

With all the busyness, school has been rather sporadic. Thankfully, Chloe and Micah do most of their lessons together, so make up time is quick. We've had a few days of 3 lessons in one. Speaking of which, we do need to get to work. So it's off to school for me!

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