Friday, July 25, 2008

A study in Toddlerhood

This almost 2 age is really wearing this mama down.
Jadon has decided that this week he is going from 2 naps a day to no naps at all. Monday through thursday he has napped a total of 1 hour and 40 minutes. That's all 4 days combined, and assuming that anytime he was quiet, he was asleep.

He's my first child to ever climb out of a pack-n-play.

I bought a baby gate for the first time ever last week, because JJ has taken to going to the kitchen cabinet and helping himself to whatever cereal or crackers happen to be in there. If he's not satisfied with those options, he'll pull the barstool up to the counter and climb up to see what's there.

The first thing he did after I put up the gate was move a chair over to it and climb on.
No amount of clips or straps or buckles will keep the child in a high chair or stroller.

Any door left slightly ajar is simply an invitation for escape. Try keeping every door in your house securely shut with a big sister and big brother around.

He discovered last week where the suckers were and had eated 3 or 4 before I found his stash.

This morning, he climbed up on the top of the changing table to get 2 of his pacifiers down. Apparently the 3 that he had just retrieved from his crib were not enough.

He'll sit for most of one softball game, but if there are 2, forget about it. He asks every aunt or grandma available to hold him, always with the intention of getting down just as soon as he's on a lap.
He loves his sister and brother so much, he has to do everything they do. He's often heard shrieking because he's just not quite big enough. But he loves to give hugs a chase the kids and play ball. So for now, I'll try to focus on that. Maybe someday I'll even get to take a nap again.

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Tricia said...

Oh, Becca! I read this and giggle on one side and empathize with you on the other! As you were describing your child #3,it reminded me of Brody's secret stash of candy, how he pulls stools and chairs to the counter to make his own sanwiches when he feels like it, and how he is my escape artist. I cannot let him out of my sight..on the flipside, he's always saying quirky funny things, and coming up with kisses out of nowhere. You're right--we have to relish in the positive in these high energy Houdinis:).

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