Saturday, July 18, 2009

My BIG Mistake

Kevin and I are getting ready to celebrate our 10 year anniversary next week. We have plans to take the train to Chicago for a few days and just spend some time together alone, something we don't get nearly enough of. So the other day, I thought I'd check into getting Cubs tickets for the two of us while we're there.

Unfortunately, I made the mistake of letting Micah know. For those of you who don't know Micah very well, even at 5 years old he is a diehard Cubs fan. He knows more about the Cubs than any man, aside from his own family, that I've ever met. He broke down in tears because he wanted to go so badly. After he finally got calmed down, he went outside to play while I fixed lunch. When we sat down to eat, he asked to pray for the meal. Micah got about halfway through his prayer and began to ask for God to keep Mommy and Daddy safe during the trip to Chicago to see the Cubs. He got just a couple words in before he broke down sobbing again. Poor kid. He was absolutely devastated.

Well, to make up for my boneheaded mistake, and to get the waterworks to stop, I finally suggested that we go outside to play in the sprinkler after lunch. That seemed to get him calmed down enough to eat at least. I have to admit, the kids had a great time and it did seem to get Micah's mind off of his heartbreak.
Micah's even figured out that the sprinkler is more fun if you actually get wet.
Jadon loves the sprinkler! He was asking for it today when it was only 65 degrees outside.
Chloe is definitely not afraid to get wet.
Mommy even let them jump in the mudpuddles just to keep that poor Micah happy. What a mess!
I'm afraid the Cubs game fiasco is still going to come back to haunt me, but at least this helped ease the pain on this day.

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