Friday, November 12, 2010

My life as a Circus

Life has a way of spiralling out of control every once in a while.  Take this week for example: my husband, a banker worked 16 hours yesterday.  SIXTEEN!! With hours like that, no one should ever make comments about him working "banker's hours." Anyway, this post is supposed to be about my circus life.  We're a little crazy around here.  Homeschooling, sick kids having chest xrays, Mom2Mom on Fridays, plus all the prep time, and redefining the term "banker's hours." So isn't it appropriate that this year our family Halloween theme was the Circus!
We even made a "Rodies' Big Top" trunk for Trunk or Treat this year.
My dear scruffy husband is certainly the ringleader for this crew.
Chloe kept reminding everyone that she was a "male" lion, because the females do not have manes.
Micah is definitely our "class clown" so I thought the costume was appropriate.
Jadon loved the elephant costume that we borrowed.  I heard a trumpetting elephant all week after this.
And, yes, that is my sick little man out in the cold.  Don't worry, we didn't stay long.  And he still managed to get well, despite the cold weather and all the sugar the other kids kept sneaking him.

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megan said...

they are so precious becca! i can totally relate to life feeling like a circus too...

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