Friday, February 20, 2009

Some Bullets from our Lives

  • As most of you have figured out, we are expecting our fourth child. It's a little unnerving considering my recent miscarriage, but seeing the heartbeat has done a lot to assuage my fears. The due date is Sept 23, but all that really means is that he or she is guaranteed not to be born on that day.
  • Jadon had his surgery on Tuesday. He's doing really well, a little fussy and a couple of fevers, but nothing that wasn't expected.
  • Kevin is in Florida with 2 brothers and a cousin and an Aunt, as well as their families. I'm jealous.
  • Our van is on its last leg. My husband informed me that he will drive it now until we find a suitable replacement, so I'm cramming 3 kids into our little crossover Saturn. If any of you know of someone just giving away minivans, why don't you just send 'em my way.
  • Mom2Mom is hosting a parenting conference with Dr Todd Cartmell at the church this weekend. This morning was a great workshop for Moms on sibling rivalry. Tonight will be dinner for Dads Only and a discussion of male role models. Tomorrow morning is for Moms and Dads and the workshop is focusing on raising respectful kids. Very exciting topics!
  • That's about all for us right now, although as I look over the list, I suppose it's been pretty busy around here. All I know is that I'm tired all the time and I will be very glad when I am through with the first trimester of this pregnancy. Maybe I'll be able to get something done without taking 2 or 3 naps a day.

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