Friday, May 8, 2009

Is it summer?

I do realize that summer hasn't officially begun. Most kids aren't out of school yet and the weather is a little iffy with lots of rain and temps ranging from 60 to 80 day to day. Nevertheless, the things that typically mark our summers have begun full force this week. Tuesday was Kevin's first softball game: the first of many. And last weekend we had a cookout at Aunt Ann's house. Fun, fun.
Jadon got to go on his first kayak ride with Daddy. He asked to go again as soon as I pulled him out of the boat. What do you think? Did he like it?
Of course, the kids got to do some fishing off the dock. Micah, was a little disappointed that it was not quite as fruitful as his last fishing trip, but he still had a lot of fun.

Jadon, however, thought it was the best thing ever. He caught his very first fish. I'm sure the first of many. Even Teegan thought it was pretty neat that he got to touch it.

Kevin took the kids back to Aunt Ann's on Monday to fish some more. Jody even brought her brood out to join them. I think her philosophy is that her kids will just have to latch onto their uncles if they ever want to learn to fish. They must have all had lots of fun out there. It sounded like they all got to catch quite a few. I wish I had pictures of the seven kids all fishing off Aunt Ann's dock. Assuming Lydia got in on the action. Maybe Jody will have some to share.

Anyway, we're off to a blazing start this summer. I hope you all enjoy yours as much as we plan to.

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