Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Scenic Drive and a Pumpkin Patch

Those of you from around here are well aware of how the scenic drive kinda takes over for the first 2 weekends in October every year. There is also a pumpkin patch just on the edge of town that we've enjoyed going to and picking out pumpkins for the last couple of years. Last weekend,Kevin was working on Saturday so most of the scenic drive was too ambitious for me to conquer on my own. After he got home we took the kids out to the pumpkin patch and they each got to pick out their own pumpkins with their own money. They really thought that was great. Funny how my kids are all about spending their own money all the time. Probably because we so rarely let them.

While they were less than cooperative with Mommy's picture taking, I still had a fun time with them.
I cannot believe I actually stayed still enough to take this picture. Just goes to show that I can conquer even the greatest fear to get a cool shot.
This past Saturday, Kevin and I did manage to get the kids out to the Walnut Grove Farm for the petting zoo that friends of ours run every year. Jadon loved the feeding the goats, but I'm not sure he was still enough for the goat to actually get any oats to eat.
Jadon had his first drink of Sprite, the first time he actually was allowed to have pop, not his first pop ever. That actually happened when he was locked in the car, all alone with my Dr. Pepper. But we try not to think about that.

After the farm, we went into town in search of fudge. Sadly, there was no fudge to be found. We did, however, get some yummy fried Oreos (really, try them) and a face painted.

A hand painted.

And see a magician.

Lots of fun. Can't wait 'til next year!

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