Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mother of Boys!

You know, I never wanted boys. I wanted girls. Don't judge me, I'm just being honest here. Now, really, I would never trade my two boys for anything. I'm so glad God knows better and He's in control. If I had my way, I would never have gotten Micah or Jadon and my life would never be as full and fun as it is right now.

That said, I never wanted boys. And here's why. Micah and Jadon have spent the morning chasing each other back and forth across the house. Smart mom of boys that I am, I sent Micah and Chloe to play out in the snow while I get Jadon ready for his nap. He's still little enough that a nap is what he really needs when he starts getting roudy.

Yesterday, after a similar episode, Micah and Chloe were told to hang up their coats and mittens and snowpants and put their boots away. I personally hung up Micah's snowpants and stuffed his mittens inside. So this afternoon, finding snow clothing should be no problem, right? Wrong! Boys do not work this way, at least not my boy. After his clothing had been hanging for several hours, I found Micah in the living room throwing one mitten in the air.

Mommy: Where did you get your mitten from?
Micah: (shrugs)
Mommy: Where is your other mitten now?
Micah: (shrugs)
Mommy: Please find your pants and put your mittens inside of them.
Micah: But I don't know where my pants are.

Mommy and Micah proceed to retrieve the snowpants and the other mitten. Mittens are returned to the pants.

Mommy: Please hang your pants on your hook in the hallway.
Micah: Yes, Mommy.

Now, I'm not sure about the exact wording, but that is pretty much how the conversation went. So today, at outside playtime, getting dressed should be a piece of cake. Right?

Again, not with my boy.

Mommy: Where are your snowpants?
Micah: In my pants drawer. (that makes sense, right?)
Mommy: Go get them and put them on, before you put your boots on. *note, he already had a boot on, and I'm not sure how the pants were going to fit over the boots
Micah: (retrieves pants and begins to put them on)
Mommy: Make sure you get your mittens out before you put your pants on.
Micah: But I don't know where my mittens are.
Mommy: (silently: AARRRRGGGHH!)

We eventually found the mittens under his bed. Don't ask me how they got there. But here is my problem. This is not a one time occurrence. I frequently find things in the weirdest places or don't find them where they should be because Micah has picked something up, wandered into another room, and put it down without ever realizing he has it in the first place.

Jadon discovered Daddy's comb in the toybox yesterday. I think that was his doing. Micah, when told to put his shoes and socks on loses his socks while looking for his shoes. Micah puts one ball away only to find another and begin tossing IT within seconds. When asked to carry his dishes into the kitchen, he walks directly into his bedroom with them. As I type this, I notice one of my socks on top of the computer monitor. I am certain I did not put it there and Jadon is not allowed in here unattended. My only explaination is that Micah found himself without a ball and my sock was handy.

I can definitely see how ADHD is so overly diagnosed in boys in this country. The attention span of a five year old boy is enough to drive any Mom crazy. Not to mention the wild, "hyperactive" behavior of most of them.

Of course, if I didn't have these boys, life would surely be more boring. I mean, is it really fun when everyone sits quietly in their seats? Or when no one is yelling and jumping up and down because they scored a homerun on Backyard Baseball? If I didn't have boys, I think I'd really miss the swordfights with turkey feathers and the giggling over Matchbox Car crashes.

So I guess God really did know what He was doing when He gave me boys. Maybe someday He'll give me a soundproof room to hide in every once in a while.

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Jody said...

I seriously chuckled out loud about the part where Micah carries his dishes into his bedroom. And now I'm laughing again about it as I write it down here. That cracks me up!

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