Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another 5 year old

Today we celebrated the birthday of number 2 in the Fab Five. Miss Katy. She's such a doll. She called me on Saturday morning with a very important question. Of course it only took 6 tries for me to understand that she wanted to know where she could get a "horsey piñata." Chloe had one for her birthday and apparently Katy's Mommy was having some difficulty getting her hands on one at the local Wal-Mart. With a little guidance, she was able to locate one that Aunt Jody went and picked up for her, Yay!

So today we had a cute little party with cake and ice cream and the long sought after "horsey piñata."

Katy and Micah have always had a pretty special relationship. They played so well together as babies. When Shelly and I went out somewhere together, people often stopped us to ask who the "twins" belong to. While I'm not certain that they really look that much alike, they are the same age and the same size and both have the same white blonde hair and blue, blue eyes.

Katy has always been a little spunky. When Micah had his tubes put in his ears at 15 months, the surgeon warned us he might be startled by loud noises for a while. Seeing Katy later that day was definitely trial by fire because if there is one thing that Katy is, it's LOUD! Still, she's cute as a button and sweet as any kid around. But don't you dare take her blankie, cuz she'll rip you to shreds.

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