Monday, November 24, 2008


Last month Kevin's Grandmother had her 101st birthday. I had several people ask me, "HOW old is she?" as we were preparing for the day. Yes, she is actually 101. And don't call her Grandma or Granny, she is Grandmother. She's not too fond of nicknames in general. BJ is "Bryan" and Andy is "Andrew." She loves all the kids. She has 10 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren, so it's a good thing. But the babies are her favorites. She lives with Kevin's Mom and Dad just around the corner from us. This morning I wandered over there to say hi and drop off some dishes to Grandma Ellen. This is what Grandmother had been doing all morning. Her current project for the great-grandkids. You gotta keep busy. Don't think even being 101 years old will keep you out of working.

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