Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two for one Birthday Special

The Rodie family is suddenly overflowing with fall birthdays. In the next week, Lydia and Teegan will both turn 1 and Micah will be 5! Jadon turned 2 about 3 weeks ago, and of course, we have new little Elianna (sp?) just 2 weeks old. So this year we decided that maybe Micah and Jadon could share their birthday party, just to make things simple. I called Jami up at the church several months ago and asked her to find a time for me sometime between October and November when the gymnasium would be available for the boys' birthday party. She came up with last Saturday.

Micah, of course, wanted to play baseball. Who could have guessed? And Jadon has really gotten into airplanes. So we had an airplane themed party, and played baseball. Amelia made an airplane cake to look like Uncle John's plane. And we had foam gliders(airplanes) and paratroopers for all the kids. We took the kids up to the balcony to drop their little paratroopers down to the gym floor. They all thought that was really cool.

We only had 36 people(I think) because of some unfortunate sicknesses and a very unfortunate run-in with a deer(literally), but it was still quite a fun crowd. And we did polish off most of the food. I don't have any pictures yet but I promise they're coming. I asked Aunt Jody to take pictures for me because I was afraid I'd miss most of the fun shots while I was trying to run the party. I think it was a good call, because I didn't even see the boys open their gifts. So as soon as we get around to it, I'll get you some photos. I'm actually pretty excited to see them myself!

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Jody said...

I did get them off of my card this morning. No promises on burning a CD until after Lydia's party, though!

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