Monday, November 24, 2008

Rodie Christmas

Okay everybody. This post is actually my second for today, so be sure to scroll down to get to the interesting stuff. I use the word "interesting" very loosely here. Kelly was looking for the Christmas list for the kids earlier today and once we found it, I thought I'd put it up here just so there would be a central spot anyone could find it. It's pretty generic, you decide which kids to actually pair up individually. I never remember by Christmas anyway.

Todd's kids have Teegan, Ilese, and Eliana
Mark's have Claire and Lydia
Jody's have Andy, JJ, Mallie and Micah
Mine have Luke, Abby and Katy
BJ's have Caleb and Chloe

Now you know. Grown ups are doing that crazy white elephant game. I'll be out of town the rest of the week while Kevin and Joe destroy our basement so Happy Thanksgiving everybody. And try not to kill yourselves on Black Friday!

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