Saturday, November 22, 2008

A preview

In the interest of making this holiday week just as crazy as possible, I had 2 photoshoots today. Kevin was off in a deer stand somewhere blowing out his eardrum, so I got a babysitter and went to work. The kids and I are leaving for my parents' house on Monday for the week so that leaves me with a whole bunch of work to do either tonight and tomorrow, or to procrastinate and wait until after the holiday. Hopefully, I can get a good start and not feel too guilty for leaving the rest until next week.

But, I digress. The whole point of this post was for the preview. This little guy is sooooo adorable. His mama and I have been friends since high school. While she was feeding him in the middle of the shoot, we were reminiscing about her first date with her husband, or rather, how she asked him to our Junior Prom. His response was something noncommittal "sure" or "I guess," something along those lines. But 10 years later, this is what comes from "I guess"
I think that was the best answer he could have ever given. Just look at that face!


Lauren said...

Ok, seriously, I look at this picture every day. I can't wait for the rest. Guess I will have to though.

rodiemom said...

It's up on my website!

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