Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The final Chapter

Many of you don't actually know Kevin's Uncle John and Aunt Ann, but those of you who do, might have already guessed what he brought home that last weekend we were there.


No Guesses?

An Airplane!! John often flies over here to bring Ann to visit or pick her up in his airplane, but this time he flew it home from his office to give the kids a ride. They were extatic!! We drove over to the airstrip and checked it out. Jadon desperately wanted to fly it himself, sadly, he just wasn't big enough.He sure had a good time playing in the seat. Chloe and Micah even got to go up with Daddy and Uncle John. Jadon was pretty upset that he had to get out, but there is only room for 3 or 4 passengers. Maybe next time. He was really just as perterbed that John taxied down to the other end of the runway. Once they took off, though, he was shouting "airplane, airplane!" for the rest of the day. (photo by Kathy Cooley)

Chloe and Micah had a great time, they were flying for a little over 1/2 hour.

I think Chloe's ears hurt a little on the way back down, but that was definitely overshadowed by the excitement of the trip. After all the fun of the week, and even the airplane, we were pretty worn out from all the excitement. So the next day, we hung around the house most of the day. The kids and Kevin did some fishing and swimming while I got the laundry washed and most of our stuff packed up for the trip home. Sunday afternoon, we decided to get one last boatride in, this time on the skiboat, since we had yet to take it out this trip. We went out to a cove in some very deep water to swim. Very, very fun. But more fun was riding on the tube with the kids. Chloe had been wanting to go out on the tube by herself so off she went. Micah was a little skittish about going by himself so I went with him after I went on the tube with Chloe.Jadon got to go with me, too. Chloe and Micah even went on the tube together. They kept asking to go faster and faster. I think that they were egging each other on because they were really going pretty fast at the end.

All in all we had a great trip! It was so much fun to spend all that time together, just the five of us. And we usually don't get Ann and John all to ourselves, either. It was pretty tough to come home to normal, everyday life. But what a great time we had!
What a great sky for our last night at the lake!

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