Tuesday, August 5, 2008

When Daddy Comes Along

We have a really great park about half a block from our house and the kids love it. That's the first place they really know how to get to, other than Grandma's house. We take lots of trips over there during the spring and fall, and we try to get there in the summer, but it's not as much fun when it's 95 degrees outside. They love the swings and slides and they really like the horse swings. Jadon's pretty fond of the chicken and the really tall slide that makes Mommy's heart do little flips in her chest. But they don't often do a lot with the monkey bars. Saturday afternoon, all of that changed.

First of all, the really fun/scary tall slide was missing something.
Jadon was nearly traumatized over that. He really likes that slide.

He eventually had to settle for trying to swing like the big kids, although that didn't work so well.

Also, Daddy came along. That was pretty fun, because Chloe and Micah got to seesaw together with Daddy and JJ on the other side.

After the seesaw, Chloe wandered over to the monkey bars where Daddy was more than happy to do some encouraging. You see, Mommy likes to see the kids try new things. I always try to encourage them. But I think that I must not be very reassuring because they always wind up scared or crying that they can't do it. Somehow, with Daddy there, they never have that problem. No matter how scared they are, Daddy makes it all worth doing.

Even Micah got into the act.

He was so proud of the fact that he made it up to the top. He wasn't very happy about the prospect of getting down by himself, but he and Daddy made it home shortly after Chloe and Jadon and I so I guess he got down somehow.

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Amelia Rakestraw said...

Don't worry the slide is back!!! yeah!!

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