Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What it means to be a Rodie

Jody and her crew are over at Grandma Ellen's house right now snapping, cleaning and canning green beans. I usually help out with this job, but since they know I don't like canned green beans, I wasn't invited. I was, however, invited when they gathered to freeze up a bunch of corn.I like corn. It's a long, messy, and HOT job, but it's usually pretty fun when everyone is working together. Our kids, at least the older ones, are getting pretty good at helping out.
They sat outside with Papa Joe for a couple of HOURS shucking the corn and pulling off all the silks.Grandma and Jody still had to clean off quite a bit of silks before they could cook the corn, but hey, look at all the work they didn't have to do.
My job was essentially supervising, not exactly difficult, but sometimes convincing 3 four year olds, a six year old and a seven year old to sit in the same place and pull husks off an entire truck full of ears of corn is a bit of a challenge. And every few minutes I had to carry buckets full of beautiful shucked ears of corn into the house to be cooked.
Grandmother spent a good deal of time working on the corn, too. No one is too old to work in this family. (She's 100 years old by the way.)
Of course, in the midst of all this effort, we did have to feed those kids. Can you guess what we had for lunch?


Are you sure?
Anyway, I don't have a picture of the finished project as I conveniently had other plans, but I'm told that there is plenty of corn for our family to eat for much of the winter. Days like this are long and tiresome, but sometimes they make me think how much fun it would have been to have lived when this type of work was a way of life for so many families.

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Jody said...

Thank you, Becca, for confirming that I will lose 15 more pounds and I will give away the mid-rif clinging blue shirt.

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