Thursday, August 21, 2008


As I said earlier, our family traveled to visit Kevin's Aunt and Uncle just outside Ann Arbor, Michigan last week. We had such a great time there and the kids got to do lots of new and exciting things. Ann and John live on a gorgeous lake in a beautiful house with enough bedrooms that Chloe and Micah didn't even have to share with Jadon. That was really nice considering that he still needed lots of naps and early bedtimes, but we wanted Chloe and Micah to enjoy lots of playtime and later nights, since it was vacation anyway.

The first day we were there was pretty chilly and windy, not so good for swimming in a Michigan lake, but the rest of the week was beautiful.
Chloe and Micah spent everyday in the water with Daddy. The water was pretty cold for swimming,but that really didn't stop them much. They just occasionally came inside to warm up, usually about the time their lips turned purple. Chloe swam around like a fish, while Kevin and Micah spent most of their time catching fish. Kevin rigged up a way to keep little Micah near him while they were fishing out in the lake. Micah sat in the infant float with his life jacket on and Kevin attached the fish stringer to Micahs life jacket and wrapped the other end around his wrist.It worked really well! At one point, Kevin and Micah were out in some deeper water fishing together, and Micah was beating Kevin 8 to 3 in the fish count!! Way to go Micah!

I'll update later with the rest of our vacation and the story of this fish!!

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