Friday, June 6, 2008

Its finally summer!!

After such a long spring with buckets of rain and only an occasional warm day, just to tease us, I think summer is finally here to stay. (Please do NOT get all technical and calendary on me, its warm, ok?) My Chloe girl and cousin Claire were actually begging to play indoors this afternoon because they thought it was too hot outside to play. Good grief, girls, all I can say is that its just going to get hotter and more humid. I mean it is Illinois after all. And for crying out loud, Claire, didn't you spend the first 6 years of your life in Texas?! (She won't be 7 until next week) You'd think they had never seen 80 degrees before. Anyway, I didn't want them playing inside because my baby boy was trying not to take a nap and the extra kids in the house just encourage him to be more roudy. So Fun Aunt Becca decided this was a good time to get out the sprinkler.( I hope I didn't just start a really bad precedent, hmm... oh well. The kids had a pretty fun time.)

It has rained so much recently, that the ground was instantly a muddy, sloppy mess but that did not stop the kids from running and leaping over the sprinkler.

Sometimes they were not so careful and they ran into each other.

They even managed to knock each other down a few times.Claire looks like she's having fun. (I don't know why I did this to this picture, but I thought it was cool. Just ignore me, I sometimes get a little silly with my photos.)

And Caleb seems to be enjoying himself as well. (See there I go again with my silly pictures)

After a while, we started hearing Jadon screaming and pounding on his bedroom window. My attempt at getting him to sleep by sending the kids outside was doomed to failure. Especially considering that his window is right above the outside water spigot. So I got him up and he joined in on the fun. I just love this look of pure joy on his face.

Micah, however, was not quite so thrilled to play in the sprinkler. Only after he saw his cousins enjoying the water did he even ask to get his trunks on. After which he would run in a huge circle around the outside edges of the water spray. This was taken as he had just made a pass "through" the sprinkler and was yelling "I did it, Mom, I got wet!" Please notice the perfectly curled, completely DRY hair on top and the still fluffy, unwet swim trunks. I'm not sure if the child got a single drop of water on him. But he sure had fun running around watching everyone else get soaked to the bone!

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