Thursday, June 5, 2008

Pretty Things

I got pulled over today. I really hadn't done anything wrong. Except I hadn't yet made it home from the DMV. It's really not fair that they say it could take 6 weeks for your plates to be accurate when you switch them over and yet somehow, they change before you even get home to actually put the plates on. So this afternoon, of course, I got pulled over in my van.

Man in Uniform " Did you know your plates are expired?"

Me... (I'm gonna kill Kevin) "Yes, actually these are the accurate plates, I just got them changed over today and I haven't been home yet"

MIU "Well you need to get them switched right away, this is actually a class C misdemeanor"

Me "do you carry a wrench with you so you could do it for me?" no, I didn't say that really. But I don't understand how you can drive legally both to and from the DMV without getting on the ground in the nasty parking lot to actually change the plates. Or maybe my husband should have taken the paperwork back there himself last week like he was supposed to. At least I had the papers up to date, but seriously I have such a fear of authority I was shaking by the time he left. And did he really have to throw in that misdemeanor thing? Did he get a sufficient power trip by freaking out this mom in her minivan with 2 little boys? I'm not sure what the goal was, but that's certainly what he accomplished.

So to try to settle myself, I thought I'd enjoy some pretty flowers. My yard actually looks pretty bleak because, well, we don't like to mow and it's rained A LOT. And all that rain kind of pummeled my flowers. Except the lillies which have yet to bloom. So I'll share some pics I took before they were demolished by the downpour the other day.

These are some bearded irises that someone planted before we moved in, probably my mother-in-law. They are so pretty when they're all blooming at once. It's usually the first flower to bloom in the spring after the tulips are gone. I just love these dark purply-red ones.

I have absolutely no idea what this flower is, but several of them popped up in among the day lillies which haven't bloomed yet and I think they are just gorgeous. Don't you think they're pretty? I hope my pretty flowers have brightened your day. They've certainly made me feel better.

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digtoesin said...

I LOVE irises (Iris? Irises? Irisi?)....

And I have a wicked fear of authority too (like you didn't know that, right?)

What a goober. A power-tripping, small-town cop, goober. Now THAT should be a class C misdemeanor.


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