Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Rains Came Down...

...And the floods came up! Oh yes, can't you see where this is going. Our lovely little, landlocked commutiny has been issued a boil order (indefinitely) due to all of the flooding of the Mississippi and its tributaries. You know, I really shouldn't complain too much, but I'm going to anyway. After not quite 24 hours, I am sick and tired of boiling water. I realize that those people who live in communities closer to the river are much more harshly affected, many of them have been evacuated since last week, but anyone who lives in west central Illinois knows how far reaching that Mississippi River can be.

Chloe's birthday party was yesterday and soon I'll have pictures for you all, but as you can tell I've been a little busy today. Not to mention the three extra kids I acquired this morning. So we're having a good time playing new games and watching movies with cousins and washing dishes by hand, because you can't use your dishwasher during a boil order you know. Oops, did I go off on that again? Please, please, please pray that it will only be days, not weeks. In the meantime, here's my big 6yo girl.

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