Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Read a good book today

My kids and I have been reading classics at bedtime for the last couple of months and I've really been enjoying it. I'm embarrased to say I kind of missed out on the classic childhood stories and read The Babysitters Club and Sweet Valley instead. But at least I was reading, right? We just finished Tom Sawyer last week and I hadn't remembered to get a new book the last time we were at the library.

So, I was looking over my bookshelf and noticed the Chronicles of Narnia. I read some of these books as a child, I think I got sidetracked around book 3, and then I got the collection for myself when my girl was born. These are GREAT books. If you've never read them, do it today. If you have read them, read them again. If you don't like to read, go watch the movie, it's pretty good too. But whatever you do, read to your kids and let them see you reading, too. In this day of tv and instant gratification, it's kinda nice to see my kids excited to hear who's going to go to Narnia next or what the White Witch might do when Edmund comes back. And they have such great imaginations, they don't need pictures or actors to tell them what's happening. They come up with great ideas all on their own. So curl up with a good book and your kids and enjoy the next rainy day. (that will probably be today)

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