Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Don't tell anybody, but Jadon is in my favorite child stage(as far as the ones I know, anyway). I love the baby stage, and I am really enjoying Chloe and Micah's stages, you know what I mean, when they start being able to do so much more on their own. But I love this stage when they are just starting to talk, so everything they say is cute. I even giggle at the sound of his current favorite word "MY MY" despite the fact that he so rarely says it about something that actually is his. He's walking all by himself up and down stairs. Running away from Mommy and screeching at the top of his lungs when Chloe or Micah displeases him the slightest bit. All of these are behaviors that we deal with appropriately, but not without a little chuckle or just that little bit of tug on my heart. He is actually nearing the end of the cuddly stage, at least for this kid. And he won't be nursing much longer, or even sleeping in a crib. The next few years, will be battles over staying in bed and eating your vegetables instead of, or at least before, your candy(I type this as he walks into the room holding a half eated piece of candy still in the wrapper, maybe he's already reached the next few years.) I do not look forward to weaning this Mama's Boy and potty training is definitely not my idea of a good time. So today I'm feeling nostalgic about my boy who is learning to fold his hands during prayers and eat with a spoon without spilling and even say a few words that start with more than an "m" or a "b". But for at least a little while longer he'll be my baby to cuddle and rock and sing songs with at night. And now I have to go deal with the screaming in defiance of not being allowed to wake Chloe up from her nap.

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