Friday, June 27, 2008

Micah Update

In a previous post, I asked you all to be praying for Micah and his throat/tonsil problems. Those problems have not been resolved so he is continuing to see the speech patholigist for feeding therapy. Yesterday, we made an emergency trip to the pediatrician because he had woken from his nap screaming in pain from what turned out to be a very severe ear infection. He was in so much pain that he cried right up until we left for the doctor's office and then from the time we left there until I dropped him off with his Dad. I was gone last night, but Kevin said that he didn't go to sleep until after 9:30 and the tylenol and ibuprofen had seemingly no effect on the pain. He basically cried himself to sleep in our bed.

The infection happened to be on the same side where he still has a tube in as well as the side which has the more prominent swollen tonsil. And our pediatrician echoed my concerns that the ENT had not sufficiently evaluated Micah's problems and confirmed that it is very likely the ear infections and throat problems are related. So far, we still do not have a legitimate diagnosis and it seems we won't unless we pay cash to see a different ENT, which is probably what we will end up doing. Please pray for Micah and a quick resolution, as well as guidance for Kevin and me and the doctors as we try to search out a solution.

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noble pig said...

I hope it all turns out alright! Sorry to hear it.

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