Tuesday, June 10, 2008

She's Growing Up

I had a meeting at the church today. I dropped the kids off at the nursery, just like any other day. But when I came to pick them up, they had a surprise for me. On top of the counter was a plastic baggie with this in it.

Chloe has been talking about her loose tooth since her cousin lost her first tooth a month ago. At first it seemed she was just trying to be more like Claire, but then she started talking about it wiggling and hurting. And it actually wiggled! Now, when I was a kid and my teeth were loose, it totally grossed me out, but I tried to be supportive and excited for her. At least for the first few days. Then I told her I was very happy for her, but she had to find someone else to talk to about it. Once it fell out, it didn't bother me quite so much. Its just the wiggly thing that's creepy to me. And now my girl is so proud of herself. You just hate to squash that feeling you know.Look at that grin. Isn't she pretty, toothless gap and all!

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