Monday, July 21, 2008

Another long weekend and a few more ballgames

We had another Rodie softball game on Friday night, it didn't start until 8pm after our already long day of movie watching and cousin playing. So Saturday morning we got a very sleepy start. Kevin's hip was hurting after the game Friday so he didn't get around to doing much. He won't even turn 30 until later this year, but you'd think he was already an old man. Chloe and Micah and I went down to Michelle's house with her and the girls Saturday afternoon. She and I spent about 4 hours painting her living room a dark red color. Although its kinda like the "horse of a different color" from The Wizard of Oz because it sometimes looks orange and sometimes maroon and sometimes really chocolatey. Whatever color it is, its really pretty and I can't wait to check it out when the room is put back together.

Anyway Saturday turned into another late night for the kids, so Sunday morning I actually had to wake Chloe up for church. We were only a little late(about 20) minutes. But that's what usually happens when Mommy has to get 2 kids a bath and dress the 3rd one (besides getting herself ready) so we can leave by 8am. I've not yet figured out how to do that when Kevin has to be at church at 7:45. Maybe someday we'll make it on time. But someday certainly didn't make it this week.

After church and a run to Menards, because we didn't have quite enough paint to cover the whole living room twice, we headed home to get ready for two more ballgames. Kevin and Chloe went down to the games early with Kevin's dad, while I stayed at home to let the boys get a nap in before the 3 o'clock game. Micah had a little difficulty going to sleep(maybe if he had stopped kicking the wall it would have gone a little better) but eventually all three of us drifted off, and didn't wake up until after 4. So much for game number 1. We did make it in plenty of time for the 5 o'clock game, which they won by 10 in the 5th inning(Way to go Tyler!). Then off to DQ for dinner and Aunt Shelly's for swimming. The kids had a great time in the pool and even JJ got in for a bit. This time, as soon as Micah got in he was ordering Kevin to "LET GO DADDY, LET GO!" Yay, Micah!

As fun as the rest of the day was, with ballgames and ice cream and swimming, the highlight of the day came as we were getting ready to leave. Kevin and the kids were in the kitchen and found a bug crawling around on the floor. It was only about 1/2 inch long and started jumping about 8-10 inches in the air! It was pretty funny, but what was even funnier was the crowd of moms and dad and kids all watching and laughing at this tiny little bug as it ran around the kitchen bouncing all over the floor. Jadon and Micah in particular got a great kick out of it. Who needs cable? We've got bugs. So when we were all bugged out, Kevin looks at Micah and says, "you wanna kill it?" Of course he does. So my question for you is this, "Is it wrong that it made me a little sad?

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