Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Around and Around again

So we're back at it again. The sick parade, I mean. Jadon seems to be cured of his poopy problem. We're back to 3-4 a day instead of 7 nasty stinkies. You're probably all thinking "3 or 4?!" but that is life and we're happy to live it. Funny thing was, he needed more fat in his diet. I know, it doesn't make sense, but that's what it is. But anyway, now we've got more sickies runnin' 'round. JJ had a couple days of 103 degree fever. Then it was on to Micah, who we actually thought had strep, but it turns out is the same old virus as Jadon. Now Chloe seems to be feeling pretty off, headache and fever and such. They're surprisingly upbeat when you pump them full of Tylenol and Motrin. So we're hanging out at home for a few days anyway. At least it's a pretty calm week this week. Please pray for my kids.

Oh, and my van has no air conditioning, pray for me too. I don't think we're gonna pay $700 for new air, so until we can afford a new vehicle we're down to suffering through the heat if Kevin and I need a car on the same day. Not too bad this week, since we're not going anywhere anyway, but it may get pretty un-fun for the next couple of months.

(Hopefully we'll be all up and around soon and I can get to takin' some more pictures. You're probably all going through withdrawals right about now.)

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Amy said...

So sorry they are sick... thats esp. not fun when there is so much to do with the nice weather...

I feel your pain on B.M.'s... Caleb was normal, once a day or sometimes even two. For Aidan, and now the twins, 3-4 times a day is normal. (Aidan's actually getting more towards 2-3 a day now, phew) And its hardly ever the solid, easy kind. Sigh. That's a lot of messy diapers for this mommma. We will definitely try Potty training in late Aug./Sept for Aidan

Miss seeing you. I did get your email, and we'd love to get together with everyone. We can host if we need a place. kids or no kids? Game night? Dinner out? Climb Mt. Everest? Anything would be fun.

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