Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Very Long Weekend

This weekend I attendended Mom 2 Mom summer leadership retreat and I had a great time. The purpose of the retreat is mainly for planning next year's M2M, but it was also a great time for us to get together and relax and have some fun sans children. We had three whole meals that we each had to dish up one plate only (our own) and no one else was begging for our food or complaining that they didn't like their dinner. We didn't even have to fix it ourselves. Thank you so much Marianna! We got lots done and had a blast at the same time!!

Too bad that retreat didn't last longer because my husband and his brother butchered a beef while I was gone. Fortunately that was done far away and before I came home, unlike the goings on from a few months back on Jody's blog. But my sister-in-law and I still spent the better part of the last three days packaging up the meat and trying to pretend we didn't know where it came from. Ahh... the things I never knew about until after I married into this family.

On a different note, Micah's ear infection is doing much better, but we haven't been able to get a second opinion on the whole throat thing. Right now, we're seeing the pediatrician and the speech pathologist/feeding therapist regularly, hoping that they can take care of the problems and avoid surgery entirely. So keep praying for us.

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