Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Go outside and play!

I never thought the day would come that I had to order my kids to go outside to play. Boy was I wrong. Monday was one of those days. After a very long weekend of late nights and lots of fireworks I was exhausted and the house was a mess, so I attempted to send the big kids outside while I cleaned up the house. Usually I have them help, but that actually takes longer so I wanted to do it myself. They both whined like I had just told them to go teat their liver and onions. It wasn't that surprising from Chloe, but Micah usually jumps at the chance to go outside. Chloe's arguement was that she would go out after lunch. Right.

So, since Jadon didn't seem too interested in naptime yet, I told the big kids to get over themselves and all four of us went outside to play in the yard. They got pretty excited when I offered to play croquet with them. They're actually getting pretty good. Micah is somehow able to hit the ball squarely and send it the right way, even when he swings his mallet like a baseball bat. I'm not sure how he does that, but it's pretty funny to watch. And did you notice the path BJ mowed through the yard the other day? If that doesn't say lazy redneck, I don't know what it says.Jadon had to get out his own mallet and ball and play with us. For a while, he was content to wander around hitting the ball and playing near us. But then he decided he wasn't hitting as well as he could, so this is what he did.

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